MPMF.09 Picks: Saturday

It’s almost MidPoint Music Festival time and that means making hard decisions. With 270 bands performing over the course of three nights on 23 stages, you, uh… can’t see everything. Here’s what I’m gonna try to see on Saturday.

One of the cool things about MidPoint is that you can bounce between venues during each set time—check out a song or two and see how you feel—so I have more than one option listed sometimes. Most the links are to MySpace pages where you can hear some music. Below the list I’ll mention some highlights.

Saturday, 9/26
06:30 – Eat Sugar @ Grammer’s
08:00 – Micachu and the Shapes @ Grammer’s
08:00 – Nelly Kate @ The Segway Room
08:30 – Geographer @ Contemporary Arts Center
08:30 – The Happy Maladies @ Inner Peace Center
09:00 – Flotation Walls @ Subway Bar and Lounge
09:00 – State Song @ Southgate House Parlour
09:30 – Chairlift @ Grammer’s
09:30 – Persona Grata @ Below Zero Lounge
10:00 – The Wildbirds @ Fountain Square
10:00 – Toy Horses @ The Segway Room
10:30 – You, You’re Awesome
@ Contemporary Arts Center
11:00 – Wussy @ Know Theater
11:00 – Crooks & Children @ Subway Bar and Lounge
11:30 – The Dø @ Contemporary Arts Center
11:30 – Chico Fellini @ Below Zero Lounge
12:00 – Buffalo Killers @ Southgate House Ballroom
12:00 – Yourself and The Air @ Lodge Bar
12:00 – Sinker @ The Segway Room
12:30 – Anni Rossi @ Below Zero Lounge
12:30 – Hollus @ Courtyard Cafe

Micachu and the Shapes
Micachu is the stage name for London-based experimental pop musician, Mica Levi. Apparently her live show involves homemade instruments and her MPMF stop is one of only six US gigs so this is a rare opportunity to see how these songs are actually presented live.

The Dø
The Dø (named after the first note on the standard musical scale—pronounced like pizza dough) are a French/Finnish duo who seem to borrow from all musical genres. The results are heartfelt and otherwise hard to define.

Flotation Walls
Self-described as “intelligent art-pop”, Columbus, Ohio’s Flotation Walls spent five years putting together their lush new album, Nature, and they ended up featuring 25 musicians on the recordings before all was said and done. Currently they are a quartet but their cd-release show featured a ten piece orchestra—I wonder how many will make a MidPoint appearance. They like to wear yellow.

from the Flotation Walls' MySpace page
from the Flotation Walls' MySpace page

Also see my Thursday and Friday picks. For ticket info, venue locations and other details, visit

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7 thoughts on “MPMF.09 Picks: Saturday

  1. From what I’ve heard, they’re going to be plugged in at the Subway for the Datawaslost showcase at 9, and then doing a smaller, acoustic set at cs13 later.. Either way, definitely awesome.


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