“Oh Bear” – Single

Inspired by a solo hiking trip in Glacier National Park, this song is about how I ignored all the warnings about hiking alone in bear country and my conflicting feelings of wanting to see a bear while simultaneously being terrified of encountering one. Not even carrying a bear bell, I started signing to alert any nearby wildlife of my presence and came up with this song.

“Bubble Trouble” – Single

My new single, “Bubble Trouble” is available now for streaming/download. I wrote this song about how we’re all living in our own personally curated and algorithmically manipulated realities. What could go wrong?! Written, performed, and recorded by Kendall Bruns in Chicago. Mixed and mastered by Mike Montgomery at Candyland Recording Studio in Dayton, KY.  LyricsContinue reading ““Bubble Trouble” – Single”

“Life in the Dark” – Single

My new single, “Life in the Dark” is available now for streaming/download. This song was inspired by a visit to Mammoth Cave National Park and is part of my Trailsongs project. Written, performed, and recorded by Kendall Bruns in Chicago. Mixed and mastered by Mike Montgomery at Candyland Recording Studio in Dayton, KY.  Lyrics LifeContinue reading ““Life in the Dark” – Single”

Garfield Hates Mondays

I’ve created a series of drawings for the Kitty Cat Attack! Art Show at Toy de Jour. My contribution, “Garfield Hates Mondays” is a 70 page notebook full of Garfield drawings. You’ll be able to purchase individual drawings or the entire notebook with whatever drawings are left in it at the opening or however it lastsContinue reading “Garfield Hates Mondays”

Behind the Slime

I designed a new piece for “I Hate this Painting” A Ghostbusters-Inspired Art Show at Toy de Jour. It’s called Behind the Slime and is available as an 8×10 inch print or a 2×3 inch magnet. “I Hate this Painting” A Ghostbusters-Inspired Art Show Toy de Jour: Vintage, Toys, Arts & Farts 2064 N Western Ave, Chicago,Continue reading “Behind the Slime”

Zonk at the Chicago Design Museum

My sculpture, Zonk is on display in the “Unfolded: Made with Paper” exhibit at the Chicago Design Museum through July 31. There’s going to be an opening reception on Thursday, April 28 from 6–9pm. Lightning is a symbol of creation and destruction—a symbol of power and speed. People will compare intense moments of their life or the unexpectedContinue reading “Zonk at the Chicago Design Museum”

U.S. Pizza Museum

The U.S. Pizza Museum’s mission is to inspire curiosity and new ways of thinking about the rich history and recent developments in the world of pizza by collecting, preserving, interpreting, and exhibiting pizza-related items. The U.S. Pizza Museum was founded in 2015. The collection will make it’s public physical debut at the Chicago Pizza SummitContinue reading “U.S. Pizza Museum”


I have a new Christmas song to share. This started as something Molly wrote and asked if I wanted to work on recording with her. We ended up deciding to do two different versions but we’re both featured on each one. We hope you like it! I have a few other Christmas songs you can enjoyContinue reading “Spices”

Wonk + Kendall

Besides performing with Royal Holland, I’ve also been playing ukulele with Wonky Tonk. Wonk was playing bass with Royal Holland and once I heard her excellent new album, Stuff We Leave Behind I insisted that she let me accompany her as well. We also decided to enter a SafeAuto Songwriter contest and ended up making it toContinue reading “Wonk + Kendall”

Trailsongs: Inspired by Our National Parks

August 25, 2015 was the 99th birthday of the National Park Service and to celebrate I launched a new project. Trailsongs: Inspired by Our National Parks is a collection of songs that I’m writing based on the 59 National Parks managed by the National Park Service. This is an ambitious long-term project that I’ve been slowly workingContinue reading “Trailsongs: Inspired by Our National Parks”