“He has the unique ability to make us laugh while simultaneously prompting thought.” – Jacquelyn Vaughn, Cincinnati CityBeat

“He yearns to create unique, unpredictable experiences, endeavers where both the artist and the recipient have a role to play.” – Jason Gargano, Cincinnati CityBeat

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music reviews

Cincinnati CityBeat
“And How is the latest musical foray from everyone’s favorite prolific eccentric, Kendall Bruns, An active multimedia artist in Cincinnati for almost a decade, he joined forces with Jane Carver a year ago to create this quirky but effective project. Don’t let the whimsical implementation fool you—the song writing has real teeth.” – Ezra Waller

Neus Subjex 40 review of KENDALL BRUNS “RT2K” CD-R
“You might remember this name from a split 7” with the 11th Symphony, a band he joined in their latter era…. Imagine Ween and Gene Defcon mixed with Devo and Anton Maiden (a guy who used computer programs to provide music for his rendition of his favorite Iron Maiden songs; interesting shit and to me, a million times better than iron maiden himself). Like Gene Defcon, Kendall Bruns uses his songs as observations, turning music into thoughts into music into thoughts ect.ect. Like Anton Maiden, Kendall recorded this in his bedroom. Like Ween Kendall’s music genres are varied. As with Devo, kendall is just out there! OUT THERE! Personally, I like the faster material like the last part of “Danny Greene”, the heavy and caustic “Mint”, the techno wave beginning of “L.A.”, the restless “Destination” (PACK IT UP!) or perhaps the Defcon-like “Make me Like It”. I do wish Kendall would explore more with guitars and more conventional instruments because I think he could really do some cool shit with them. All in all, its just fine what he is doing. Kendal is thinking outside the I-275 beltway. Everyone in Cincinnati will hate this CD, well, almost everyone. Thats a GOOD thing… I can only hope that he has a live version of what he is doing. Cincinnati needs people like Bruns.” – Shawn Abnoxious

Theory of Everything review of RT2K
“This is good. Ten times better than any KB stuff I’ve heard in the past. Imagine Atom and His Package meets the Rentals, and you still don’t have an accurate description. It’s just the closest I can come using other bands as reference points. My only complaint, Kendall should sing louder more often. In the first song, there are these short bursts of energy where we get to hear his yelling voice, but it stops right there. The rest of this his voice is mostly kind of somewhat subdued. Sometimes I get the impression he lacks confidence in his voice. But anyway, I like this much. This is nerdy (not an insult at all, by the way), one-man, homemade synth/indie rock music, so it has that homemade feel, which isn’t a bad thing at all. At first, $8 might seem pricey for a cd-r with no jewel case, but when you look at the cover art and think about the time and work that went into putting it out, it seems pretty fair. But what do I care anyway? I’m a bigshot reviewer, so I get my shit for free.” – 5>6

MAXIMUM ROCK N ROLL’s review of the split 7″ with Eleventh Symphony
“What’s this supposed to be? ELEVENTH SYMPHONY are about 80% pretension and 20% inspiration. “Ooh, we’re so avant garde. You have no idea how we feel and can’t possibly try to understand what we’re trying to accomplish. We’re deep. Did you hear me?  DEEP!”  Now I’m all for improvisation and the shock of the new and blah, blah, blah. But not when it’s used to cover up the fact that there was never really a clue in the first place. I mean, shit, isn’t one generation of emo fucking horrible enough? KENDALL BRUNS smoked some pot and fussed around with the four track and keyboards that his parents bought him for Christmas and decided in his intoxicated state that it was worthy of being committed to vinyl. Now that I’ve listened to this entire record, I’m really hoping that it’s all a big joke.” – Lance Hahn
“Cincinnati Singer-Songwriter Kendall Bruns creates whimsical electronic Indie Rock, and gentle, melodic Punk-Pop.  His songs have a charming tunefulness to them, whether they are entirely electronic or feature a band.”  – Tom Heyman