MPMF.09 Picks: Thursday

It’s almost MidPoint Music Festival time and that means making hard decisions. With 270 bands performing over the course of three nights on 23 stages, you, uh… can’t see everything. Here’s what I’m gonna try to see Thursday.

One of the cool things about MidPoint is that you can bounce between venues during each set time—check out a song or two and see how you feel—so I have more than one option listed sometimes. Most the links are to MySpace pages where you can hear some music. Below the list I’ll mention some highlights.

Thursday, 9/24
06:15 – The Young Republic @ Fountain Square
06:30 – Cash Flagg @ Grammer’s
08:00 – Aficionado @ Inner Peace Center
08:00 – The Winter Sounds @ Know Theatre
08:30 – Chemic @ Contemporary Arts Center
09:00 – The Harlequins @ Inner Peace Center
09:00 – Western Civ @ Blue Wisp Jazz Club
09:30 – Loyal Divide @ Contemporary Arts Center
10:00 – Culture Queer @ The Segway Room
10:30 – The Seedy Seeds @ Contemporary Arts Center
11:00 – Lightning Love @ The Segway Room
11:00 – Mock Orange @ Inner Peace Center
11:30 – The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir @ Contemporary Arts Center
11:30 – Jookabox @ Courtyard Cafe on Main
12:00 – Banderas @ Subway Bar and Lounge
12:30 – Gay Witch Abortion @ Courtyard Cafe on Main

Lightning Love
I’m more excited about Lightning Love than any other band on Thursday. Local favorites Bad Veins brought them to the Northside Tavern earlier this year and I was immediately won over by their beautifully simple songs. Their cd, November Birthday, has been in constant rotation ever since and I can’t wait to see the Ypsilanti, Michigan trio again now that I’m familiar with their music. Do yourself a favor and check out their MySpace for some musical samples.

photo by Matt Robertson from Lightning Love's MySpace
photo by Matt Robertson from Lightning Love's MySpace page

Mock Orange
There are actually five bands performing at 11pm on Thursday that I would like to see (take that, naysayers!) but my second choice would definitely be Evansville, Indiana’s Mock Orange. Unique vocals and ambitiously melodic guitars combine to create foot-stomping romps you can sing along to. I just hope they’re running behind schedule so that I can catch some of their set.

from Mock Orange's MySpace page
from Mock Orange's MySpace page

The Harlequins
The Harlequins play an energetic blend of psychedelic pop that falls somewhere between early Pink Floyd and Nirvana. They recently released their debut full-length on local label Grasshopper Juice Records. Below is a video of The Harlequins performing on Fountain Square earlier this Summer.

I think that’s enough for Thursday. I’ll post my Friday and Saturday picks next week. For ticket info, venue locations and other details, visit

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