MPMF.09 Picks: Friday

It’s almost MidPoint Music Festival time and that means making hard decisions. With 270 bands performing over the course of three nights on 23 stages, you, uh… can’t see everything. My Thursday picks can be read here. Here’s what I’m gonna try to see on Friday.

One of the cool things about MidPoint is that you can bounce between venues during each set time—check out a song or two and see how you feel—so I have more than one option listed sometimes. Most the links are to MySpace pages where you can hear some music. Below the list I’ll mention some highlights.

Yes, my band (Koala Fires) plays on Friday and, yes, I want you to come see us play. Details about our showcase are here.

Friday, 9/25
06:30 – The Lions Rampant @ Grammer’s
08:00 – The Wildbirds @ Grammer’s
08:00 – Thunderhawk @ Inner Peace Center
08:30 – Mad Anthony @ Courtyard Cafe on Main
08:50 – Freelance Whales @ Below Zero Lounge
09:00 – Everthus the Deadbeats @ Inner Peace Center
09:00 – Terribly Empty Pockets @ Know Theatre
09:30 – Koala Fires @ Courtyard Cafe on Main
10:00 – John Eichleay @ Arnold’s Bar and Grill
10:00 – Scotty Lust & the Two Timers @ Blue Wisp Jazz Club
10:30 – The Ambassadors @ Below Zero Lounge
11:00 – Amo Joy @ Inner Peace Center
11:00 – Javelins @ Know Theatre
11:40 – The Vanguard @ Below Zero Lounge
12:00 – Pomegranates @ Know Theatre
12:00 – The Sundresses @ Blue Wisp Jazz Club
12:00 – Harley Poe @ Inner Peace Center

I have three midnight bands listed—The Sundresses and Pomegranates are locals while Harley Poe is from Indiana.  They’re all quite different so it might depend on your mood.

The Lions Rampant
I’ve seen The Lions Rampant play to an out-of-town crowd and immediately win over the audience with their high-energy bluesy-punk rock. Sometimes they wear costumes but they definitely don’t have to. They should be a great early start to everyone’s Friday night at MidPoint.

The Lions Rampant performing at the Matinee in Cleveland, Ohio.
The Lions Rampant performing at the Matinee in Cleveland, Ohio.

Amo Joy
Standard Recording Co. is an Indianapolis based record label that has their own MPMF showcase on Friday at the Inner Peace Center. I’m looking forward to seeing all the bands they’re bringing but Amo Joy is the one I’m most excited about. Amo Joy use a variety of non-traditional instruments—think kazoos, slide-whistles, toy-sounding keys—but it doesn’t come across as gimmicky, more like poppy fun. I particularly like the song, “It’s Not an Artist’s World” which you can hear on their MySpace page:

Amo Joy! photo from their MySpace page
Amo Joy! performance photo from their MySpace page

Standard Recording Co. have a record label sampler you can download for free featuring MPMF.09 performers: Amo Joy, Everthus the Deadbeats, Kentucky Nightmare and Harley Poe. Just click the image below…


The Sundresses
The Sundresses’ bio begins, “If there were a punk band in the swing era of American music The Sundresses would be that band.” That sounds about right to me. One of the things that I love about them is that they’re not afraid to make bold statements lyrically—oftentimes about living in Cincinnati. Here is a live video I made of their song, “Barkinghaus” from their cd release show at the Southgate House last year around this time.

That’s all for Friday! For ticket info, venue locations and other details, visit

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