Let’s Get Serious with Long Pork

Charlie Carroll and Lee Russell of Long Pork join me for a (relatively) brief conversation about Vampires, Zombie Chefs and cows.

Long Pork will be performing at Stage 773 for the Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival on Thursday, January 13 at 9:30pm.

Visit www.chicagosketchfest.com for info and tickets.

Let’s Get Serious with Kendall Bruns
Episode 008: Charlie Carroll and Lee Russell of Long Pork.
Running time: 37 minutes

Download (33.6MB mp3): Let’s Get Serious: Episode 008

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Show Notes
• Discover more about the gentlemen of Long Pork at www.longporkcomedy.com.

• Long Pork are performing at the Charleston Comedy Festival January 21 and 22.

• 2003’s Rocksimus Maximus Tour was co-headlined by Aerosmith and Kiss.

TJ and Dave perform Wednesdays at 11pm in iO’s Cabaret Theater.

• Wikipedia tries to explain the cartoons Ghostbusters and The Real Ghostbusters.

• Help find a cure for Choroideremia—E.J. Scott’s page.


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