Let’s Get Serious with Elephant Larry

Stefan Lawrence and Alexander Zalben are 2/5ths of Elephant Larry, one of New York’s most notorious sketch comedy groups. They sat down with me prior to their second performance at the Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival and we talked about the Kowalski Method, using your babies as stage props and what it means to have one of your videos viewed online over 10 million times. If I had seen their show before the interview I would have asked them lots of questions about making horseradish.

Let’s Get Serious with Kendall Bruns
Episode 007: Stefan Lawrence & Alexander Zalben of Elephant Larry
Running time: 71 minutes

Download (65.2MB mp3): Let’s Get Serious: Episode 007

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Show Notes
• The audio could be a little better—sorry!

• “Kowalski Method” might refer to  Stanley Kowalski, the character that Marlon Brando plays in A Streetcar Named Desire. Mr Brando pretty much known as the poster boy for Method acting.

• New York covers 49,576 square miles. That’s big.

• Check out Elephant Larry videos and more at www.elephantlarry.com.

• Watch Elephant Larry’s television pilot, The WOW.

• A 44MB SyQuest Disk used to be cutting edge technology.

• Check out Stefan’s graphic design at www.stefanrules.com.

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