Christmas in Cincinnati

Thanksgiving is behind us now, which means Christmas music is going to be unavoidable for the next few weeks.

Back in 1998, I recorded a Christmas album for friends and family called Maximus Christmas and usually around this time of year I post them somewhere for free download. This year, in addition to seven of the tracks from ’98, I’m including two songs that I recorded in 2007, “Christmas in Cincinnati” and “Hey Scroogie”. Corrie Loeffler helped write the two newer songs and sings on “Hey Scroogie”.

All nine tracks are available for free download:

When I was in college I worked at a movie theater where we were required to play Christmas music from Thanksgiving all the way until the New Year. Sometimes I would play Maximus Christmas over the PA and once the owner (who was actually Jewish) came in while it was on. He approached me and asked why we weren’t playing Christmas music. When I told him that it was Christmas music his response was, “I asked you to play Christmas music, not this esoteric bullshit.”



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Trailsongs: Inspired by Our National Parks Songwriter / U.S. Pizza Museum Founder

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