PopCultour 2 at C2E2

The title of this blog post may look like a bunch of gibberish to you so I’ll try to break it down. PopCult is a collective of ComiCulture entrepreneurs who specialties in publishing, video games, music, film and television. Last year they threw a big PopCultour party at the San Diego Comic-Con. Well, this yearContinue reading “PopCultour 2 at C2E2”

Devil’s Due/PopCult SDCC 2009 Video

The San Diego Comic-Con is a multi-media pop culture extravaganza that attracts an estimated 130,000+ people to sunny California over the course of one long weekend. Devil’s Due Publishing has been attending for years and I’ve been there with them for a lot of them—originally just helping sell comics at their booth but in recentContinue reading “Devil’s Due/PopCult SDCC 2009 Video”