Let’s Get Serious with The Seedy Seeds 2012!

The Seedy Seeds return to Let’s Get Serious and Chicago for a show on January 22, 2012 at Reggie’s Music Joint. I interviewed The Seedy Seeds on Episode 11 almost a year ago but along with the passage of time comes change, including the introduction of a new member, drummer/multi-instrumentalist Joe Frankl. I try to unravelContinue reading “Let’s Get Serious with The Seedy Seeds 2012!”

Let’s Get Serious with The Seedy Seeds

Here’s a little change of pace for the podcast. This time I hosted a band—my friends from Cincinnati, The Seedy Seeds, who were in town for a show. The Seedy Seeds are Margaret Darling, Mike Ingram and Brian Penick. We discussed how much explanation is too much explanation, listened to a couple of brand newContinue reading “Let’s Get Serious with The Seedy Seeds”