The Green Chalkboard

I’m contributing to a new food-focused blog. Mandy and I are sharing tales of culinary adventure, trials and tribulations in the kitchen. So far we’ve blogged about making homemade Orecchiette, Broccoli Rabe & Sausage (to go with the orechiette), Thai Coconut Curry Scallops, the joys of owning a cast iron skillet & bacon. Check it out:Continue reading “The Green Chalkboard”

Watch Questionable Taste Online

A closer look at two nutritional entrepreneurs and their unusual approach to solving world hunger. Can the limb you eat be a tasty treat? You can also watch this video on Vimeo. Questionable Taste was created for the Columbus 48 Hour Film Project where it went on to win an “Audience Choice” award. Written & Directed byContinue reading “Watch Questionable Taste Online”