Let’s Get Serious

In-depth interviews with ambitious creative people. Based out of Chicago, guests tend to be from the world of improv and sketch comedy with occasional forays into music and other creative disciplines.

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Episode 027: The Seedy Seeds

Episode 026: Cameron Esposito of Side Mullet Nation

Episode 025: Marc Lewallen & Brad Younts from Musical of the Living Dead

Shawn Smith of Ninjatown and ShawnimalsSteve Mazan of Dying to Do LettermanBeth Stelling

Episode 024: Shawn Smith, creator of Ninjatown and Shawnimals

Episode 023: Steve Mazan of Dying to Do Letterman

Episode 022: Beth Stelling

Episode 021: The MP3 Experiment Chicago

Episode 020: Carisa Barreca & Kevin Sciretta

Episode 019: Matt Mooney from the Koala Fires

Episode 018: Mandy Whitenack from Off Off Broadzway

Episode 017: Chris Agos, author of Acting in Chicago

Episode 016: Joe Avella and Tim Racine from Teenager of the Year

Episode 015: Steff Bomb of I Make Monsters

Episode 014: Rob Nastoff and Sean Dove of Dirty Borders

Episode 013: Bryan Craig Applegate

Episode 012: Tim Soszko of The Tim and Micah Project

Episode 011:  The Seedy Seeds

Episode 010: Dave Urlakis and Zack Whittington of Batterymouth

Episode 009: Joey Christopoulos & Dan Sanders-Joyce of The Cool Table

Episode 008: Charlie Carroll and Lee Russell of Long Pork

Episode 007: Stefan Lawrence & Alexander Zalben of Elephant Larry

Episode 006: Jon Braylock & Ramy Youssef of Inside Joke Films

Episode 005: John Haskell & Arthur Meyer of Two Fun Men

Episode 004: Liz McArthur of Feminine Gentlemen

Episode 003: Drew Current of pH Productions

Episode 002: Kelly Bolton from Off Off Broadzway

Episode 001: Brian Peterlin of Bri-Ko

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