Let’s Get Serious with Matt Mooney

Matt Mooney joins me to reminisce about the Koala Fires and dispel rumors about the band’s demise. We listen to a new Koala Fires demo, Matt plays a couple of acoustic songs and we go a little crazy discussing The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension, what the heck a Norn is and otherContinue reading “Let’s Get Serious with Matt Mooney”


The Sleeping in Our Sharks

One of the downsides to the fact that I recently moved to Chicago is that I’m no longer going to be playing guitar in the Koala Fires. But that doesn’t mean I’m done with them quite yet—we have an EP of remixes titled The Sleeping in Our Sharks available on September 21, 2010. The 8-trackContinue reading “The Sleeping in Our Sharks”

Smoking Popes + Koala Fires on Fountain Square

I am super-excited that Koala Fires are opening for the Smoking Popes tonight on Fountain Square in Cincinnati, Ohio as part of their free outdoor Indie Summer series. Smoking Popes are a band that I used to watch on 120 Minutes and Alternative Nation when I was in high school—I’m sure many of you rememberContinue reading “Smoking Popes + Koala Fires on Fountain Square”

RAC remixes Koala Fires

Koala Fires have released a single for the song “Thunderbugs” from our debut album, The Beeping in Our Hearts. The single features the album version of “Thunderbugs” as well as remixes by RAC’s Andrew Maury and one by me. This digital single also features a previously unreleased song, “Eagle Has Landed” which was recorded duringContinue reading “RAC remixes Koala Fires”

Art Academy of Cincinnati Music Sampler

I’m a graduate of the Art Academy of Cincinnati and over the past few years I’ve done a lot of design work for them. Recently I helped put together this album that features 21 tracks by Cincinnati bands—a number of which feature graduates of the Art Academy. Art Academy of Cincinnati presents: Try a Slice!Continue reading “Art Academy of Cincinnati Music Sampler”

Koala Fires + Wolf Ram Heart

Koala Fires have two shows coming up with Columbus-based Wolf Ram Heart. We’ll be joining them at the Ravari Room in Columbus on Friday, February 19 and then the next night, Saturday, February 20, we’ll play together at Mayday in Cincinnati. Here’s a little bit about Wolf Ram Heart from their MySpace page: “Formerly knownContinue reading “Koala Fires + Wolf Ram Heart”

Koala Fires Listening Party

Come hear the new Koala Fires album a few weeks before the official release during Mayday Happy Hour with drink and food specials. If you haven’t been to Mayday yet, this would be a good time to check out Northside’s newest bar and sample one of their Gourmet Hot Dogs (including vegan options). I highlyContinue reading “Koala Fires Listening Party”

Beeping Pre-orders

Beginning today you can stream and pre-order Koala Fires’ debut full-length album at http://koalafires.bandcamp.com. When you pre-order you’ll get an immediate digital download of the album with a 12-page PDF booklet! We’ll be shipping CDs on December 18th so you’ll know all the words and can sing along when you come to our CD Release ShowContinue reading “Beeping Pre-orders”

Koala Fires CD Release Show

Hopefully you’ve already downloaded (for free) “All the World’s Been Staged” and you already know that Koala Fires’ debut full-length album is going to be released on Saturday, January 2, 2010. Here’s what else you should know… we’ll be joined that night in the Southgate House ballroom by Amo Joy, The Harlequins and The Guitars—three amazingContinue reading “Koala Fires CD Release Show”