Behind the Slime

I designed a new piece for “I Hate this Painting” A Ghostbusters-Inspired Art Show at Toy de Jour. It’s called Behind the Slime and is available as an 8×10 inch print or a 2×3 inch magnet. “I Hate this Painting” A Ghostbusters-Inspired Art Show Toy de Jour: Vintage, Toys, Arts & Farts 2064 N Western Ave, Chicago,Continue reading “Behind the Slime”

Zonk at the Chicago Design Museum

My sculpture, Zonk is on display in the “Unfolded: Made with Paper” exhibit at the Chicago Design Museum through July 31. There’s going to be an opening reception on Thursday, April 28 from 6–9pm. Lightning is a symbol of creation and destruction—a symbol of power and speed. People will compare intense moments of their life or the unexpectedContinue reading “Zonk at the Chicago Design Museum”

U.S. Pizza Museum

The U.S. Pizza Museum’s mission is to inspire curiosity and new ways of thinking about the rich history and recent developments in the world of pizza by collecting, preserving, interpreting, and exhibiting pizza-related items. The U.S. Pizza Museum was founded in 2015. The collection will make it’s public physical debut at the Chicago Pizza SummitContinue reading “U.S. Pizza Museum”

Angels Exhibition at The Carnegie

My sculpture, Hypnagogic Visitor, is currently on display at The Carnegie in Covington, KY as part of a group exhibition titled Angels. I’m happy to be in this show that also features many of my friends from Cincinnati. The show runs until October 12 so you have plenty of time to check it out. The galleryContinue reading “Angels Exhibition at The Carnegie”

Seahorses are fish.

Earlier this summer, my artwork was featured at The Whistler Storefront Gallery in Chicago. This is my artist statement and some photos of the installation. Seahorses are fish. Kendall Bruns 12′ W x 6′ H x 2.5′ D cardboard, paper, tape 2013 Seahorses are fish—the weirdest fish that I can think of. This is saying a lotContinue reading “Seahorses are fish.”

Opening Reception for Seahorses are fish.

My new sculpture installation, Seahorses are fish. will be on display in The Whistler’s Window Gallery for the months of May and June. The Whistler is my favorite cocktail bar in Chicago and I’ve always loved how they use the window space so I’m very pleased to have my work on display there. If you followContinue reading “Opening Reception for Seahorses are fish.”

Net Results

I recently designed a logo and T-shirt for Blue Sky Chicago’s intramural volleyball team, Net Results. So far the team’s record is 5-4 but the season is still young. Blue Sky Chicago is a marketing service firm that specializes in creating in-store events and demonstrations. The colors and the star in the Net Results logoContinue reading “Net Results”

Lucky & Zonk at Baltimore Contemporary

I’m going to have some large sculptures on view at The Contemporary Museum in Baltimore from February 11–March 6, 2011. The Contemporary Museum is doing a monthly series of changing exhibitions on view in its storefront exhibition space titled “New View.” I’m the third artist participating in the series. I will also be the guest artistContinue reading “Lucky & Zonk at Baltimore Contemporary”

The Infinite Vacation

I just got back from a weekend in New York where a tiny video that I created was screened at the Image Comics panel at the NYCC (New York Comic Con). The video is a teaser for Infinite Vacation which will be released January 2011 with words by Nick Spencer and art by Christian Ward.