“Bubble Trouble” – Single

My new single, “Bubble Trouble” is available now for streaming/download.

I wrote this song about how we’re all living in our own personally curated and algorithmically manipulated realities. What could go wrong?!

Written, performed, and recorded by Kendall Bruns in Chicago. Mixed and mastered by Mike Montgomery at Candyland Recording Studio in Dayton, KY. 


Well, we’ve got trouble
‘Cause we’re each in our own bubble
And nobody’s bubble is the same

Yeah, we’re in trouble
In no small part due to the bubble
Where nobody thinks anyone else has a brain

Everyone agrees with me or they are insane
My intense anxiety growing every day

And I know I could look away
But that won’t get rid of the pain everyone’s feeling

Yeah, we’ve got trouble
From what I see here from my bubble

The world is on fire
I literally see the flames
I try to hide but still smell the smoke
My lungs are filling up with ash

I wanna yell or shout for help
But I’m afraid to ask
Because I don’t think that you’ll hear me
Or you’ll say that it’s a lie

I think we need to agree
On a fact or two or three
And I want to believe
We are ready to be free
Of the desperation
And shift course to see
It’s not all or nothing
It can be a small thing

The moral arc bend
It does happen

The moral arc bend
It does happen

And we might see
And we might see


Published by Kendall Bruns

Trailsongs: Inspired by Our National Parks Songwriter / U.S. Pizza Museum Founder

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