Garfield Hates Mondays

I’ve created a series of drawings for the Kitty Cat Attack! Art Show at Toy de Jour. My contribution, “Garfield Hates Mondays” is a 70 page notebook full of Garfield drawings. You’ll be able to purchase individual drawings or the entire notebook with whatever drawings are left in it at the opening or however it lasts during the length of the exhibit.

Kitty Cat Attack! Art Show
Toy de Jour: Vintage, Toys, Arts & Farts
2064 N Western Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60647
September 1–30, 2017
Opening Reception: Friday, September 1, 2017 from 6–10pm

kca poster

This is my artist statement, as seen in the notebook.



Published by Kendall Bruns

Trailsongs: Inspired by Our National Parks Songwriter / U.S. Pizza Museum Founder

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