2012 Chicago Sketchfest: Sun 1/15 Picks

The 2012 Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival (AKA Sketchfest) finishes today with 24 groups performing on four stages (The Thrust, The Pro, The Box, The Cab) at Stage 773.

Are you ready for a Sunday full of comedy? This post is going up a little late so I hope you’re reading it from the lobby at Stage 773.

Here are my recommendations for today.

Sunday, January 8, 2012
3pm – Sausage (The Pro)
4pm – Acid Reflux Comedy Troupe (The Thrust)
5pm – Jack Tripper (The Cab)
6pm – Scuzznick Productions (The Pro)
7pm – Sherra: Secret of the Ooze (The Thrust)
8pm – Variety Stampede! (The Thrust)

Call 773-327-5252 or go to Stage773.com for tickets



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