2012 Chicago Sketchfest: Fri 1/6 Picks

The 2012 Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival (AKA Sketchfest) continues tonight with sixteen groups performing on four stages (The Thrust, The Pro, The Box, The Cab) at Stage 773.

If last night was any indication this Sketchfest will be as packed as ever before. Prepare for crowds and occasionally spilling out onto the sidewalk for some fresh air. At least it’s not crazy cold this year.

These are my picks for tonight.

Friday, January 6, 2012
8pm – Hey Pearl (The Cab)
9pm – Upset Triangle (The Box)
10pm – Camp Woods (The Pro)
11pm – Feminine Gentlemen (The Cab)

Another solid choice at 8pm on Friday is Barretta featuring Carisa Barreca & Kevin Sciretta, who were featured on Episode 20 of Let’s Get SeriousLet’s Get Serious with Carisa & Kevin

Feminine Gentlemen features Liz McArthur and Jill Valentine. Liz was the guest on Episode 4 of Let’s Get SeriousLet’s Get Serious with Liz McArthur

Feminine Gentlemen

Call 773-327-5252 or go to Stage773.com for tickets and check back here for daily recommendations and additional coverage of the festival.


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