Questionable Taste Wins Best Ensemble Performance

On September 21, Underneath Cincinnati held their 2011 Best of Cincinnati screening at the Kenwood Theatre and awarded Questionable Taste for “Best Ensemble Performance”.

Questionable Taste takes a closer look at two nutritional entrepreneurs and their unusual approach to solving world hunger. Can the limb you eat be a tasty treat?

The 5-minute short was created for the Columbus 48 Hour Film Project where it went on to win an “Audience Choice” award.

You can also watch this video on Vimeo.

Questionable Taste
Written & Directed by Kendall Bruns & Josh Flowers
Produced by Kendall Bruns, Josh Flowers & Greg Nicholson
Featuring Kendall Bruns, Josh Flowers, Becky Haltermon, George Forste & Greg Nicholson
Cinematography and Editing by Greg Nicholson
Audio by George Forste
Graphics by Carol DelGrosso


Published by Kendall Bruns

Trailsongs: Inspired by Our National Parks Songwriter / U.S. Pizza Museum Founder

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