TBS Just for Laughs 2011: Sunday Pick

Last night Louis C.K. thrilled the 3,500 or so audience members at The Chicago Theatre with his hilariously honest insights about being human and heartfelt introductions of his special guests Jake Johannsen, Richard Lewis and Steven Wright.

The crowd loved the surprise guests and I liked that, unlike the similarly conceived Demetri Martin show from a few nights earlier, Louis saved his longest set for the end of the night.

Last night I also caught the second and final high-octane night of The Chris Gethard Show’s New York vs. Chicago challenge.

Long story short—Chicago won.

There’s only one Sunday show but it’s a big one…

Steve Martin and Martin Short in a Very Stupid Conversation
7:30 p.m. at The Chicago Theatre

The big question about tonight’s show is, what will it be? Steve Martin hasn’t performed stand-up comedy since the early 80s (anyone know when his last proper stand-up show was exactly?) and turned his attention to his film career, writing and banjo. Despite some poor film choices in recent years, and proficient (but not particularly funny) bluegrass obsession, I know he is still capable of being the funniest man alive based on his frequent late night television appearances and personally, I enjoy his books a great deal but the idea of him performing live comedy in whatever form is great news.

Steve Martin and Martin Short have a long history together. First, as co-stars with Chevy Chase in ¡Three Amigos! and then as occasional co-conspirators during television appearances and in some of those Father of the Bride films. They have a great deal of chemistry together and I look forward to seeing whatever it is they decide to do tonight, stupid or not.


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