TBS Just for Laughs 2011: Saturday Picks

Hot Tub with Kurt and Kristen at Lincoln Hall last night was the most fun I’ve had at the festival so far. Kurt and Kristen opened the show by pitting two audience members against each other in a fight to win a date with Kristen. Things got complicated when it was revealed that the winner’s girlfriend was sitting in the front row.

Besides Kurt Braunohler and Kristen Schaal there were also performances by Kumail NanjianiDavid O’Doherty (who had both performed along with Schaal at the Demetri Martin show the night before), Rory Scovel (who, on a dare, carried his microphone stand for his entire set) and an extremely energetic performance by current SNL Feature Player, Paul Brittain.

Here are my picks for Saturday night.

Louis C.K. & Three Very Special Guests
7:30pm at The Chicago Theatre

Louis C.K. has an FX series called Louie where he plays himself as a stand-up comedian so if you go to this show it’s kind of like you’re in a TV show—isn’t that what everybody wants? Nobody knows who his three very special guests are so we’ll all be surprised together.

TBS LOL Lounge
10pm at The Red Bar Comedy Club

Christian Finnegan (Are We There Yet?, Best Week Ever) hosts this comedy showcase that will be taped by TBS for presentation on on justforlaughschicago.com.  Some of the performers are finalists from the fourth annual Rooftop Comedy National College Comedy Competition.

Featuring: B. Cole, Dan Cummins, DeAnne Smith, Kurt Braunohler and Rory Scovel

Best of the Fest
11:59pm at The Red Bar Comedy Club

The festival is almost over. Maybe you didn’t get to attend as many events as you would have liked. Check out the Best of the Fest hosted by international comedy star Sugar Sammy at The Red Bar Comedy Club and maybe you’ll get lucky.

TWIX® Presents: TBS Just for Laughs Chicago runs June 14–19, 2011. A full schedule and list of performers can be found at www.justforlaughschicago.com.


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