TBS Just for Laughs 2011: Friday Picks

TBS Just for Laughs festival has stated that this year’s goal was to create unique lineups of shows specifically for Chicago. Last night’s Demetri Martin & Special Guests, Who Are Also Comedians and Are Friends of His was a perfect example. Martin was asked to host the show—something he claimed last night that he wasn’t use to doing—and pick the performers.

Martin opened the show with his longest set before introducing Kumail Nanjiani, who told a crazy story about a mongoose/cobra showdown at a birthday party. Next was David O’Doherty, an Irish comedian wearing a cape that played funny story-songs on a toy keyboard. Martin returned to stage for more one-liners before introducing each comic: Hannibal Buress immediately won the crowd over with his stories of driving fast and not being sorry for it, Kristen Schaal performed a lengthy taintologue (I’m surprised that word isn’t in spell-check) and Paul F. Tompkins closed out the show by stealing all the water and telling a story about working at a place called Hats in the Belfry.

You could see Joel McHale or Jeffrey Ross tonight but here are some weirder Friday options.

Hot Tub with Kurt and Kristen
7:30pm at Lincoln Hall

Hosted by Kurt Braunohler and Kristen Schaal (pictured above), Hot Tub is a weekly New York variety show featuring comedians, sketch groups and all sorts of peculiar happenings.

The Andy Kaufman Funhouse
10:00pm at The Lincoln Lodge

There have been many times where I’ve seen someone’s crazy idea left for dead after someone tells them, “Andy Kaufman already did that.” The Andy Kaufman Awards have been acknowledging like-minded experimental comedians in NY since 2004 (past winners include Kristen Schaal and Reggie Watts). The Andy Kaufman Funhouse brings past Kaufman winners, finalists and alumni together for some rare Chicago performances.

The Chris Gethard Show
11:59pm at iO Theater

Chris Gethard is challenging Chicago to prove that it’s better than NY. Gethard is a regular performer at UCB in NY and he’s bringing his late-night talk show format to the windy city for a showdown. Sounds like he can’t lose.

TWIX® Presents: TBS Just for Laughs Chicago runs June 14–19, 2011. A full schedule and list of performers can be found at www.justforlaughschicago.com.


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