Let’s Get Serious with Carisa & Kevin

Carisa and Kevin are a sketch comedy and improv performing couple of live-together lovers.

They’ve both performed with The Second City’s Boat Co on Norwegian Cruise Lines and are immersed in so many comedy-related activities in Chicago that we talked for close to two hours.

We discuss hunting the most dangerous game, dramatic juggling and why The Second City is a good place to go on a date.

Let’s Get Serious with Kendall Bruns
Episode 020: Carisa Barreca & Kevin Sciretta
Running time: 114 minutes

Download (104MB mp3): Let’s Get Serious: Episode 020

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Show Notes
• Kevin performs improv at iO on Fridays at midnight with Challenger, on Saturdays at 8pm with The Del Tones and on saturdays at 10:30pm with Chaos Theory. He is also performing with The Second City’s Red Tour Co.

• Carisa performs as Allie Wayes in Off Off Broadzway. They are currently performing a new show, We Changed Our Pannies! on Thursdays at 8pm from through May 19, 2011 at Stage 773. She also performs on with The Cupid Players at 10:30pm on  Saturday nights at iO.

• SMUSH is hosted by Liz McArthur on certain Tuesday nights at Stage 773. Both Kevin and Carisa will be performing in the next few months.

• Carisa is one of the founders of Matter Dance Company. They will be performing June 9-11 at Stage 773.

The Green Hornet is available now on Blu-Ray and DVD. I haven’t seen it yet.

• Carisa recommends Workaholics on Comedy Central, featuring Second City alumni Maribeth Monroe.

•  This episode was (unofficially) sponsored by Australian Shiraz wine.


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