People Like The Infinite Vacation #1

Image Comics’ The Infiniate Vacation #1 has sold out and is headed for a second printing to be released with an alternate cover on February 16, 2011.

The five issue series is written by Nick Spencer with art by Christian Ward.

I contributed four pages of photography to the first issue and here’s what some people have been saying about that:

“Another interesting technique is deployed, though. Photography. After five pages of the expected comic book art the visuals switch over to a style of live-action photography melded into a sequential progression of story. The scene is of an Infinite Vacation spokesman basically providing the exposition to explain the series’ high concept, but because of the visual switch up it reads not at all like usual, dry exposition.  Instead the scene turns into this odd, yet appropriate, Steve Jobs riff which works to establish a tone of, “Hey! This will change your life!”.  A sense of salesmanship, a sense that what this Infinite Vacation corporation holds will make your life better. It is an interesting tone, and the manner in which it is conveyed comes off as very effective because the shift from Ward’s art to photos is not jarring whatsoever.” – Image Addiction

“Bonus points go to photographer Kendall Bruns, whose photo panels depicting the smarmy pitchman of an in-story ad threaten to move right off the page. Rarely has the necessary act of story exposition been so unabashedly fun.” – Comics Bulletin

“I especially appreciated the Recall-esque commercial in the beginning that gave me an expositional roadmap without having two characters engaging in conversation simply because they know I’m listening.” – Ain’t it Cool News

“The entire sequence of the tutorial with the pictures is stunning” – Comic Book Bin

“Also a standout is the multimedia artwork in this issue by Kendall Bruns. It’s a shock when it shows up, but makes perfect sense given the premise, and I hope we see more of it down the road.” – MTV Geek

Go buy it! To find your local comic book retailer visit or call 1-888-COMIC-BOOK

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