MPMF.10 Picks: Saturday

If you haven’t already, check out my MidPoint picks for Thursday and Friday.

Okay, now that you’re caught up we can address Saturday.

The band that I’m most excited about seeing is Phantogram. If I get to hear them play “Mouthful of Diamonds” and “When I’m Small” I’ll consider Saturday a success. But there’s so much more—Colour Revolt, Cults and The Strange Boys are all up-and-comers that everyone is buzzing about. It’ll be interesting to see them now and decide for yourselves.

There are a couple of notable bands that aren’t on my list (A Place to Bury Strangers, Tom Tom Club) due to timing conflicts but that’s a good problem to have, right? I’m listing three bands for midnight because they are all very different. I’ll probably be checking out Cults but if you’ve never seen Pomegranates or The Sundresses I highly recommend them.

07:30 – (The) Tony Castles @ Grammers
08:00 – +/- @ Artworks
09:00 – Colour Revolt @ Jack Potts Tavern
09:00 – Candy Claws @ Artworks
09:30 – Koala Fires @ Mixx Ultra Lounge
09:30 – Culture Queer @ Know Theatre
10:15 – Weakness @ Courtyard Cafe
10:30 – Josiah Wolf @ Know Theatre
10:30 – Natural Child @ Main Event
11:00 – Love in October @ Artworks
11:00 – Clovers @ MOTR
11:30 – Phantogram @ Know Theatre
11:30 – Librarians @ Mixx Ultra Lounge
12:00 – Cults @ MOTR
12:00 – Pomegranates @ Mainstay Rock Bar
12:00 – The Sundresses @ Below Zero
12:30 – The Strange Boys @ Main Event
12:30 – Elf Power @ The Blue Wisp

Hey, didn’t The Sundresses and Pomegranates both play at the same time last year as well?

Koala Fires have a new guitarist but I will be there. We’ll be celebrating the release of our Remix EP, The Sleeping in Our Sharks, and I’m bringing a bunch of old Koala Fires posters to give away for free.

I had Villagers on this list but they seem to have disappeared from the MPMF schedule. Does anyone know if they are they still playing?


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