MPMF.10 Picks: Friday

I gave my MidPoint schpeel in the previous post with my Thursday picks so I won’t repeat myself here. The big draws for Friday are Surfer Blood and Ted Leo but I’m also excited about Silverghost —I booked them to play Earthquakes a few months ago and they were great! They have an EP that you can download for free from RCRDLBL: The Equine Lips EP

There were definitely a lot of conflicts for Friday night—especially the 11:30 slot—and it might be hard to check out the bands at the (relatively isolated) Southgate House without missing a lot of other stuff so we’ll see what happens.

07:30 – Enlou @ Grammers
08:15 – The Happy Maladies @ Media Bridges
08:30 – The Seedy Seeds @ Grammers
09:30 – The Harlequins @ The Blue Wisp
09:30 – Caribou @ Grammers
10:00 – Silverghost @ FB’s
10:00 – The Lions Rampant @ Southgate House
10:15 – Me & Mountains @ Courtyard Cafe
10:15 – Drink Up Buttercup @ Know Theatre
10:30 – The Front Bottoms @ Below Zero
11:00 – Ted Leo and the Pharmacists @ Southgate House
11:30 – Surfer Blood @ Cincinnati Club
11:30 – Fang Island @ Contemporary Arts Center
12:00 – The Chain Gang of 1974 @ FB’s
12:30 – The Yes Way @ Below Zero


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