MPMF.10 Picks: Thursday

Living in Chicago has exploded my live music options—it’s impossible to see all the bands that come through here that I really don’t want to miss—but that isn’t stopping me from being excited about coming back to Cincinnati for the MidPoint Music Festival.

Something like 270 bands are playing over the course of three nights. Most of the venues are within walking distance so it’s easy to jump around and see multiple bands in one time slot if one venue is too crowded or you’re just not feeling it. Here’s what I’m looking forward to on Thursday, September 23, 2010.

07:30 – Wussy @ Grammers
08:30 – Male Bonding @ Grammers
08:30 – Eat Sugar @ Cincinnati Club
09:00 – State Song @ Contemporary Arts Center
09:30 – Best Coast @ Grammers
10:00 – No No Knots @ Contemporary Arts Center
10:00 – Dead Beats @ Below Zero
10:30 – Kry Kids @ Main Event
10:30 – You, You’re Awesome @ Cincinnati Club
11:00 – Shonen Knife @ Contemporary Arts Center
11:15 – Astro Fang @ Courtyard Cafe
11:30 – Holy F*ck @ Cincinnati Club
12:00 – The Pass @ Jack Potts Tavern
12:00 – Thunderhawk @ Below Zero
01:00 – Amo Joy @ Below Zero

Grammers looks great with a lineup of Wussy, Male Bonding & Best Coast. The CAC and Cincinnati Club also have solid lineups all night. Standard Recording has a showcase at Below Zero featuring some Indianapolis bands that I like a lot including Amo Joy who played at the Koala Fires CD Release show in January. I don’t know anything about Astro Fang but from what I heard on their MySpace I’m interested.

Now watch some fun videos…


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