The Sleeping in Our Sharks

One of the downsides to the fact that I recently moved to Chicago is that I’m no longer going to be playing guitar in the Koala Fires. But that doesn’t mean I’m done with them quite yet—we have an EP of remixes titled The Sleeping in Our Sharks available on September 21, 2010.

The 8-track digital release will include remixes of songs from The Beeping in Our Hearts by RAC, Positronic, DJ Empirical, superaction80, Evan Brass, Sean P. Hafer, Matt Mooney and myself.

Only a few of the tracks have been available previously—we released a Thunderbugs Single a few months ago (RAC remixes Koala Fires). My contribution was a remix of “Thunderbugs” that’s also going to be on the EP.

We’ll be selling The Sleeping in Our Sharks on September 21 via our Bandcamp page at

The Sleeping in Our Sharks
1. Thunderbugs (RAC Maury Mix) – 2:59
2. These Bones Will Dance (Evan Brass Remix) – 2:52
3. Devil Girl From Mars (Positronic Version) – 4:40
4. Burn It Down (Immolation Mix) – 4:31
5. Thunderbugs (Kendall Bruns Mix) – 2:57
6. Observers (DJ Empirical Remix) – 5:03
7. All The World’s Been Staged (superaction80 mix) – 4:12
8. Burn It Down (Gasoline/Oil Mix) – 3:50

Koala Fires will be performing (without me) at the MidPoint Music Festival on Saturday, September 25 at Mixx Ultra Lounge in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio at 9:30pm.

UPDATE: CityBeat reviews The Sleeping in Our SharksWussy and Koala Fires: Local Music Rewired

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