After spending the past 18 years in Cincinnati, I decided it was time to mix things up a little so I’ve moved to Chicago. I’ve been here for a a couple of months but now I have an apartment in Logan Square and I feel like I really live here.

My parents are from Cincinnati but my dad joined the Air Force and so we used to move every couple of years. We would visit relatives in Cincinnati so I always considered it home even though we never lived there until I started high school. When it was time for college I decided I was sick of moving every three years and went to the Art Academy of Cincinnati.

I like Cincinnati. I think it’s a great place to live and be a creative person—I just want to try something else. I’m sure I’ll visit often since it’s close and that’s where my family is.

I’ve flirted with moving to Chicago for years but it never happened for one reason or another. Now I’m here—let’s see what happens!

Places that I’ve lived:
Rantoul, Illinois
Homestead, Florida
Cambridgeshire (Ramsey & Upwood), England
Montgomery, Alabama
Cincinnati, Ohio
Chicago, Illinois

I was born in Rantoul. I mostly remember snow and playing with Star Wars toys. We lived there until I was in kindergarden.

I spent 1st through 3rd grade in Florida. I remember spending a lot of time in the Everglades. Homestead was pretty much completely destroyed by Hurricane Andrew in 1992. We left years earlier but it’s weird to think that one of the places I lived was wiped off the face of the Earth.

We lived in England for three years (4th–6th grade). When we first moved there we lived off-base in a small town called Ramsey—it’s about two hours north of London. I went to school on the Air Force Base (RAF Upwood) but was friends with neighborhood British kids. We used to capture toads and see who could get the most. I would ride my bike to a cool candy shop. Pretty much every weekend we got in the mini-van and traveled to some little town with a cathedral or castle in ruins. Looking back I realize how unique and awesome it was to get to travel so much at that age—we even spent a few weeks in Germany before moving back to the US.

England to Alabama was quite the culture shock. I hated Montgomery and couldn’t wait to move to Cincinnati which is what we did when my dad finished his 20 years of Air Force service.

18 years later… goodbye Cincinnati. Hello Chicago!


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3 thoughts on “Cincinnati-Chicago

  1. Are those the wind farms along I-65? I lived in Northern Indiana for most of my early years and visit all the time. Those mills are like visiting a sci-fi landscape. It’s especially strange given they are all among the nostalgic, rural farmland of Indiana–nice contrast of old and new. I, too have been toying with a move to Chicago. I love the city for many reasons. What do you love about it, now that you live there…Top 3 reasons? FYI–A lovely weekend getaway is Michigan City, IN…Indiana Dunes, great beaches, nice charm, AND a Southshore Rail Ride that costs $12.


    1. I’ve made lots of trips back and forth in recent months and I always look forward to seeing the wind farms and noticing how they look at different times of day.

      For starters, I love that pretty much anything I can think of is happening somewhere in Chicago, there is new stuff for me to experience everywhere I go and they have public transportation options everywhere.

      I visited the Indiana Dunes and all the way up to Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore last month! I’m sure it won’t be the last time.


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