Chicago Sketchfest

Tomorrow marks the start of the Ninth Annual Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival. Each year, over the course of two weeks, 100+ sketch comedy troupes perform 125+ shows in the sketch center of the Universe. That’s a lot of sketch.

In 2007 Pizza Infinity made an 18-episode web-series taking a look behind-the-scenes at Sketchfest.

You’ll find a full list of YouTube and Vimeo links after the jump.

YouTube links:
Episode #01 – Welcome to Chicago
Episode #02 – Energy Guys
Episode #03 – Keilly & Roeters (and Raimi)
Episode #04 – Ms. Chickaburns
Episode #05 – Emo Philips*
Episode #06 – OneTwoThree
Episode #07 – Interview Style
Episode #08 – Freedumb
Episode #09 – Performance Anxiety
Episode #10 – Party Central USA
Episode #11 – Bathroom Break
Episode #12 – Triplette
Episode #13 – Guest Correspondent
Episode #14 – Now Fear This
Episode #15 – After Parties
Episode #16 – Sketchcore
Episode #17 – What do you love about the Chicago Sketchfest?
Episode #18 – Sketchubator

*Emp Philips graciously allowed us to use his interview for a long time but eventually (45,000+ views later) asked us to remove the video from YouTube—thanks Emo!

You can also watch the whole series on Vimeo: 2007 Chicago Sketchfest

Many of my friends are performing again this year including OneTwoThree, Not From Baltimore, Off Off Broadzay, Tim & Micah, The Cupid Players and Bri-Ko. I highly recommend them all.

Find the full schedule at


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