The Beatles (2003)

All the excitement about the remastered Beatles albums got me thinking that this would be a good time to revisit The Beatles project I did in 2003.


I took The Beatles’ full-length albums released from 1963–1970* and compressed them in duration without modifying the pitch (sped up but they don’t sound like chipmunks) so that they could fit on a single cd and be experienced in one sitting. The result was a 72 minute cd that included 169 songs from 11 albums.


An edition of 25 cds were produced and exhibited in April 2003 at Semantics gallery in Cincinnati, Ohio.


It’s an alternative to experiencing their creative output via greatest hits compilations. If you’d like to hear the full results, try this link or you can download an mp3 of the time-compressed version of just Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band to get a taste.

*I used the 1987 cd releases to create the sound files. I didn’t include Magical Mystery Tour (originally released as 2 EPs) or Yellow Submarine (half the album is orchestral arrangements by George Martin).

Published by Kendall Bruns

Trailsongs: Inspired by Our National Parks Songwriter / U.S. Pizza Museum Founder

2 thoughts on “The Beatles (2003)

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