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Robots at Toy de Jour

July 4, 2014

IMG_3743_1200I’ve designed some Robot sculptures, plushes and T-shirts that will be featured at Toy de Jour in Chicago this month with an opening reception on Thursday July 10 from 6–9pm.

Toy de Jour opened this year in Logan Square and they feature a different artist every month in their store that provides “vintage, toys, arts & farts.” I’m not a big fan of farts but somehow they make it work. (more…)

I Charleston Chicago

October 6, 2013

I directed this video featuring swing dancing in Chicago with music by local jazz favorites, Fat Babies and The Modern Sounds.

This video was inspired by I Charleston the World,  a website created by some Charleston enthusiasts in Montpellier, France that features a world map with links to videos of dancers doing Charleston in front of famous places around the world.


Seahorses are fish.

September 5, 2013

IMG_7231_ADJ_SQEarlier this summer, my artwork was featured at The Whistler Storefront Gallery in Chicago. This is my artist statement and some photos of the installation.

Seahorses are fish.
Kendall Bruns
12′ W x 6′ H x 2.5′ D
cardboard, paper, tape

Seahorses are fish—the weirdest fish that I can think of. This is saying a lot because all fish are kinda weird but none are as iconically strange as the only species where the males become pregnant (they have a brood pouch—very weird). Google “seahorse giving birth” and you’ll see what I mean. Seahorses eat almost constantly because they don’t have stomachs. Sometimes when they are courting they will entwine their tails and dance. They’re not really monogamous but some people think that they are and that’s half the battle.

Seahorses are fish that suck at swimming. They just wanna eat and dance and sometimes blend in with their chameleon powers. They’re so different from (and the same as) humans that I wanted to see them at more of a human scale and be forced to consider them in a different way.

IMG_7210_ADJ_web (more…)

Opening Reception for Seahorses are fish.

May 1, 2013

Baby seahorses

My new sculpture installation, Seahorses are fish. will be on display in The Whistler’s Window Gallery for the months of May and June. The Whistler is my favorite cocktail bar in Chicago and I’ve always loved how they use the window space so I’m very pleased to have my work on display there.

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve had some sneak peaks but if you want to see the final piece, there will be an opening reception on Thursday, May 2 from 6:30–9:30pm. Come have a drink with me!

Seahorses are fish.
Installation by Kendall Bruns
The Whistler Storefront Gallery
2421 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647
May–June 2013

Opening Reception:
Thursday, May 2, 2013


If you take any pictures please use the #seahorsesarefish hashtag!

The Chronicles of Feldspar: Mystery Box

September 11, 2012

What’s inside the box? It’s a mystery.

Written by Alan Metoskie & Zach Muhn
Directed by Kendall Bruns


Ghost Bro.

August 26, 2012

This short film was created for Chicago’s 48 Hour Film Project 2012. It won the Audience Award for Group B. Made by Dirty Borders.

Dirty Borders is Tim Weidelman, Sean Dove and Matt Relstab. Special help from Kendall Bruns and Jon Satrom

Performed by Rob Nastoff, Adam Yencho and Emmi Chen.

Let’s Get Serious with The Seedy Seeds 2012!

January 22, 2012

The Seedy Seeds return to Let’s Get Serious and Chicago for a show on January 22, 2012 at Reggie’s Music Joint.

I interviewed The Seedy Seeds on Episode 11 almost a year ago but along with the passage of time comes change, including the introduction of a new member, drummer/multi-instrumentalist Joe Frankl. I try to unravel the mystery that is Joe and we discuss old-timey slang with banjo accompaniment courtesy of Mike Ingram.

Listen to the Seeds perform two songs live in my kitchen, “Ethel” and “Flooded”.

Let’s Get Serious with Kendall Bruns
Episode 027: The Seedy Seeds
Running time: 65 minutes

Download (60.3MB mp3): Let’s Get Serious: Episode 027

Subscribe to the Let’s Get Serious podcast through iTunes.


2012 Chicago Sketchfest: Sun 1/15 Picks

January 15, 2012

The 2012 Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival (AKA Sketchfest) finishes today with 24 groups performing on four stages (The Thrust, The Pro, The Box, The Cab) at Stage 773.

Are you ready for a Sunday full of comedy? This post is going up a little late so I hope you’re reading it from the lobby at Stage 773.

Here are my recommendations for today.


2012 Chicago Sketchfest: Sat 1/14 Picks

January 14, 2012

The 2012 Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival (AKA Sketchfest) offers plenty of comedy tonight with 24 groups performing on four stages (The Thrust, The Pro, The Box, The Cab) at Stage 773.

Many of the groups performing tonight also performed last night or last weekend.

For tonight’s 9pm slot I’m picking Heavy Wait featuring T.J. Miller (Late Night with David Letterman, Comedy Central), Brady Novak (Community, Raising Hope), Mark Raterman (Second City) and Nick Vatterott (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Conan) but last night I saw Pangea 3000 and they were one of my absolute favorites this year so I also highly recommend seeing them tonight if you missed them yesterday.

Other second chance performances I recommend include The Tim and Micah Project, The Cupid Players, Urlakis and Cusick, Stupid Time Machine and Fuct.

These are my picks for tonight.


2012 Chicago Sketchfest: Fri 1/13 Picks

January 13, 2012

The 2012 Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival (AKA Sketchfest) continues it’s second weekend tonight with sixteen groups performing on four stages (The Thrust, The Pro, The Box, The Cab) at Stage 773.

The snow is here but Sketchfest attendees won’t let that stop them. Dress warm.

If you want to be uncomfortable and maybe even offended, see FUCT this weekend.

These are my picks for tonight.



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