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I Charleston Chicago

October 6, 2013

I directed this video featuring swing dancing in Chicago with music by local jazz favorites, Fat Babies and The Modern Sounds.

This video was inspired by I Charleston the World,  a website created by some Charleston enthusiasts in Montpellier, France that features a world map with links to videos of dancers doing Charleston in front of famous places around the world.


The Chronicles of Feldspar: Mystery Box

September 11, 2012

What’s inside the box? It’s a mystery.

Written by Alan Metoskie & Zach Muhn
Directed by Kendall Bruns


Ghost Bro.

August 26, 2012

This short film was created for Chicago’s 48 Hour Film Project 2012. It won the Audience Award for Group B. Made by Dirty Borders.

Dirty Borders is Tim Weidelman, Sean Dove and Matt Relstab. Special help from Kendall Bruns and Jon Satrom

Performed by Rob Nastoff, Adam Yencho and Emmi Chen.

Humorous Anecdote

August 8, 2012

Steve tells really great humorous anecdotes… or does he?

written by Dave Urlakis
directed by Kendall Bruns
featuring Dave Urlakis, Peter Kremidas & Wes Needham

The Printer Cartridge Fairy

February 26, 2012

Does your printer always seem to be low on ink? Maybe it’s because of the Printer Cartridge Fairy…

Written by and starring Dave Urlakis. Directed and edited by Kendall Bruns.

Blue Christmas (Ft. Bald Elvis)

December 18, 2011

Christmas is only a week away which means I came awfully close to not getting this done in time.

This cover of “Blue Christmas” features Alan Metoskie as Bald Elvis.

“Blue Christmas” was written in 1948 by Billy Hayes and Jay W. Johnson. It’s been covered 1 million times, most famously by Elvis Presley.

When he’s not Bald Elvis, Alan can be seen performing at Comedy Sportz here in Chicago.


Questionable Taste Wins Best Ensemble Performance

September 30, 2011

On September 21, Underneath Cincinnati held their 2011 Best of Cincinnati screening at the Kenwood Theatre and awarded Questionable Taste for “Best Ensemble Performance”.

Questionable Taste takes a closer look at two nutritional entrepreneurs and their unusual approach to solving world hunger. Can the limb you eat be a tasty treat?

The 5-minute short was created for the Columbus 48 Hour Film Project where it went on to win an “Audience Choice” award.



June 9, 2011

I’ve created two new pieces for “LOL: A Decade of Antic Art” opening Friday, June 10, 2011 at the Contemporary Museum in Baltimore, MD.

Curated by Sue Spaid, the show is described as “a survey of recent artworks which either riff off or intervene on the real.”

I created a new video for this exhibition—LOL, a one-minute exploration of internet acronyms. It features some NSFW language.

The show will also feature a new sculpture, Big Whoop, a felt and iron-on transfer whoopie cushion that Mandy Duncan and I made.

Watch the video online now:

You can also view this video on Vimeo: LOL


Questionable Taste at Underneath Cincinnati

March 28, 2011

Pizza Infinity’s short film, Questionable Taste, will be screened at the Underneath Cincinnati Film Festival this Thursday, March 31, 2011 at the Esquire Theatre.

Questionable Taste takes a closer look at two nutritional entrepreneurs and their unusual approach to solving world hunger. Can the limb you eat be a tasty treat?

The 5-minute short was created for the Columbus 48 Hour Film Project where it went on to win an “Audience Choice” award.

Underneath Cincinnati is a quarterly film event organized by the Southern Ohio Filmmakers Association. Audiences vote for their favorite films at each screening and the winners compete at an annual screening for prizes and bragging rights.


Let’s Get Serious with Dirty Borders

March 8, 2011

Dirty Borders is a group of four Chicago filmmakers: Tim Weidelman, Matt Relstab, Charlie Ward and Sean Dove.

In their newest short film, Trajectory, Rob Nastoff plays a sad astronaut that returns to Earth to find empty streets and mass destruction.

Sean and Rob join me to discuss the short and their non-film related projects.

Let’s Get Serious with Kendall Bruns
Episode 014: Rob Nastoff and Sean Dove of Dirty Borders
Running time: 78 minutes

Download (72MB mp3): Let’s Get Serious: Episode 014

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