Art Academy of Cincinnati Music Sampler

I’m a graduate of the Art Academy of Cincinnati and over the past few years I’ve done a lot of design work for them. Recently I helped put together this album that features 21 tracks by Cincinnati bands—a number of which feature graduates of the Art Academy.

Art Academy of Cincinnati presents: Try a Slice! A Cincinnati Music Sampler CDs were mailed to prospective students to show them some of the local creative flavor and share some of the musical talent our area has to offer.

I did the photography and design based on a concept by Paul Kreft. Paul is an amazing guy that I’ve been fortunate to work with on lots of films as well as the Adams County Waste & Recycling project. He directed a documentary film about artist George Rickey that you can read about at

Pictures and more info after the jump.

These are the artists featured on the compilation: The Lions RampantFairmount GirlsAbiyahBuckraMatthew SheltonOxford CottonRyan Malott and Kelly ThomasThe Chocolate HorseJ. Dorsey Blues RevivalThe Haight GangCulture QueerFreekbassBilly CatfishKate HaralsonEagle To SquirrelThe Seedy SeedsThe SundressesMohenjo DaroTravelThe ProhibitionistsKoala Fires

all music donated by the artists
concept/A&R, Paul M. Kreft
assembled by Dave Davis @
artist communications, Kristen Kreft
design & photography, Kendall Bruns
Vice President for Enrollment Management, John D. Cooper

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2 Responses to “Art Academy of Cincinnati Music Sampler”

  1. Rick Wagner Says:

    Where can I obtain (buy) a copy of this CD?

    • Kendall Bruns Says:

      They’re not for sale since the bands all donated their music but the featured bands can get some copies to give away if they haven’t received them already.

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